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Businesses who want to gain a competitive edge by delivering a niche product or service, or who have a requirement that is otherwise outside the mainstream of their target industry face a dilemma because they must either create it themselves or compromise their vision and strategy to match what is already available and can be modified for a price.



Our world is more tech-driven than ever before. Adopting technology solutions has become a key element to build competitive advantages and maintain market leadership. In this framework, the best way to guarantee business scalability is to develop software solutions that match the unique requirements of every organization.

Custom software development encompasses the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of applications with unique features.

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom software is designed, developed, implemented, and maintained by a dedicated team of expert engineers whose main goal is to satisfy the needs of a particular project or business. As a result, this type of software leads to more targeted results and higher-quality products while maximizing cost efficiency. Businesses often outsource these services to a third-party with the know-how, industry expertise, and onboard talent necessary to achieve complex objectives in tight deadlines.

A custom software development team acts as an extension of your business and helps tackle long-term goals with the right technology stack and support.

Development Services

UI UX, UI Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Angular UI, AngularJS

  • Java: Core JAVA, JDK, J2EE, JavaSE, Spring Hiberrnate, Struts, Web Services.
  • PHP: Cake PHP, Codeigniter, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal.
  • Dot NET: MS Visual Studios, ASP.NET, C# with .NET, Core MVC.
Benefits From Our Custom Software Development Services

[01] Business-focused application development across the entire operational domain.

[02] Reduce system downtime and help you focus on strategic initiatives.

[03] Better integration with legacy systems and business-wide processes.


Lead Module

A lead is a prospect or potential opportunity - a person you met at a conference or a person who called in and expressed interest who will later be incorporated to become your customer. The Lead form will keep track of all the lead’s information as well as Activities and Attachments for your further follow up.

Organization Module

This module is used to stored customers’ information. This allows your sales team to better manage their customer detail, as well as records or reminders of interaction and documents with those customers. Customers purchase history can be recorded in this module as well.

Contact Module

Contacts are all of the individuals, or contact person associated with customers which are stored in the Organization Module. You can use this module to record activities, reminders, past purchases and attachments for this contact.

Campaign Module

A campaign is an outbound marketing project that user want to plan, manage, and track within Company. It also allows sales team can better communicate with customer; can make better offers and services and close sales speedily.

Opportunity Module

Opportunities are the sales and pending deals that user want to track. Every Opportunity will be under analyzing, classifying, filtering and converting. There clearly show in information of opportunity in source, buying potential, opportunity type, and primary contact.

Activity Module

Activities include tasks and calendar events. User can define and track activities for many different objects, including campaigns, Organization, contacts, and leads. Activities display in related lists on associated records as well as on the Home tab. When creating an activity, user can describe the activity and specify attributes such as priority, due date, and status.

Action Module

This module is displays all the activity on the calendar by daily, weekly or monthly.

Partner Module

Partners are the companies with which you collaborate to close your sales deals.

Latest Messages Module

That allows designing new messages and publishing on the main page during the effective date to inform particular user.

Mass Messaging Module

Mass Messaging is spreading an advertising message or signal over a wide area, for example via SMS or Email to send the advertising message.


That allows users to view reports.



Lead Source

Lead Sources where you obtained your leads. By tagging leads with the Lead Sources, you can track how effective each Lead Source are and therefore, where to spend your marketing budget on.


This product form is used to keep information of product and services. Those include quantity of product, purchase prices, quantity of stock, product information details and vendor’s name.

User Team

User Teams allows you to associate users with teams, and allow records such as Lead, Contact and Organization to access records shared to a team.

Sales Stage

Sales Stage reflects the sales practices of company sales. It identifies both the major stages of sales cycle and the activities that need to be accomplished within each stage. It also represents the probability of the sales stage

File Brower

That allows users upload files to the Server.





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